The Resonant Light Machine

Resonant Light

Resonant Light technology has brought new hope to individuals seeking overall body wellness, as it uses radiofrequency electromagnetic waves to bring relief to those suffering from symptoms. The resonant light machine was first developed in the 1920S by an American scientist, but it has evolved a great deal since then and is now being used as a method for assisting persons suffering from different types of ailments. That is exactly why the resonant light machine has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years.  The use of the machine depends on the specific condition of the individual and the treatment periods may vary from one individual to another.

If you live in Miami, FL, and look for resonant light technology, you should head straight to Centner Wellness and Spa. We specialize in providing an effective holistic approach using a number of modalities including the latest resonant light technology.

How the Resonant Light Machine Works

Also referred to as a Resonant Light frequency generator, this machine and other machines of similar type are available for treatment in various wellness centers. At Centner Wellness and Spa, we use the resonant light machine to assist with a wide range of illnesses and health conditions.

Every condition has an specific frequency. The Resonant Light technology also uses electromagnetic fields in order to work with specific health states. First, the machine identifies the exact electromagnetic frequency of a state and then produces electromagnetic waves of the same frequency.

How We Provide Resonant Light at Our Wellness Center

Using the Resonant Light machine is simple and fast. The electromagnetic waves from the machine are passed through either the hands or the feet. The machine comes with electrical pads that can be easily placed on the hands or feet. The practitioner can also apply it using hand-held plasma tubes.

The electrical pads or the hand-held plasma tubes remain attached to the machine for the electromagnetic waves to pass on. Based on the severity of your specific condition, our wellness experts will recommend how many minutes a day or how many times a week would be best for you. You should head over to our wellness center for a consultation with one of our experts. You can have the Resonant Light therapy without any concerns. At Centner Wellness and Spa, our staff are trained and experienced.

For more information on how exactly the Resonant Light therapy will be used for wellness, give our wellness and spa a phone call.

Why Our Practitioners Suggest Resonant Light Therapy

Resonant Light therapy is not just completely non-toxic and safe, but it may also provide a number of benefits. At our clinic, we work with resonant light for a host of unique benefits:

  • Little or no side effects at all
  • Drug-free method
  • Lowers chance of viral infection
  • Can be used in conjunction with other modalities
  • Gentle and less-intense

What makes the Resonant Light machine therapy all the more popular is its powerful combination of gentleness and effectiveness. You can also have the therapy along with other modalities.

Talk to a Resonant Light Specialist

If you are in search of alternative therapies or want to know more about the Resonant Light Technology, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at Centner Wellness and Spa in Miami, FL. Our wellness has the most hygienic and luxurious atmosphere. To find out whether or not you are an ideal candidate for Resonant Light therapy, you should give our center a phone call or write us an email using the contact form on our website.

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