Flowpresso Bed

Flowpresso is simple painless detoxification and body sculpting method.

It helps the body by assisting with circulation and lymphatic drainage. Because of its physio-therapeutic origin, it is used widely to assist with draining the lower limbs. Flowpresso is excellent for the promotion of  wellness of the edematous cellulite in the lower limbs.

This is performed on a special table fitted with coverings for the arms and legs. A computer controls compression while the coverings inflate in various sections of the multi chambered garment, forcing fatty tissues and toxic deposits into the circulatory system for elimination leading to improved extra-cellular fluid clearance and increased blood flow to the heart. The lymphatic system naturally flushes out toxins.

Flowpresso Therapy is also a great alternative to liposuction since the revitalization and oxygenation of the body helps reduce and slim the body while also enhancing skin tone. Fat molecules are transported away from cellulite tissues and into the general circulation for oxidation and elimination.

We recommend 8-12 sessions for maximum results and benefits.

“Countless history books could be written through the lens of incoherent emotions.” ~ Joe Dispenza

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