Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Far More Than Your Average Sauna… Our Infrared Sauna is an innovative technology from Therasage. The innovative full spectrum rays are great for people that are seeking to experience optimal health and wellness! You can burn up to 600 calories per hour just from sitting inside this portable infrared Sauna unit. Using this portable Sauna, individuals can expose their  bodies to full spectrum infrared rays from different angles without any harmful effects. The sauna is equipped with Advanced Earthing Technology that improves the experience with enhanced cellular communication. Utilizing a unique method to help protect against harmful EMF, ELF, and RF, which means there is more opportunity for your body to reach homeostasis. The product is energy-efficient, comfortable to sit in, and easy to use. It is the only portable Sauna with features like full-spectrum infrared, negative ions, and earthing technology. Our Infrared Sauna services prioritize self-care and peace. So, you can enjoy the benefits of this health promoting service with us! “Pamper yourself and enter the world of self-care with us!”

The Health Benefits of our Infrared Sauna

Our Infrared Sauna utilizes light to make heat. There are far, near and mid rays, making it a true full spectrum infrared Sauna. Far, near and mid refers to where the waves that fall on the spectrum. Regular saunas warm the air through the heat and warm your body accordingly. An infrared sauna uses a different mechanism that directly heats your body without affecting the surrounding air. Saunas are popular because they cause reactions like sweating or increased heart rate. You typically only see these reactions after moderate exercises. Infrared saunas help people get these results at lower temperatures, which makes it pleasant for many individuals. It is an excellent option for people who suffer from the heat of regular saunas. Our safe and effective Infrared Sauna assists with eliminating toxins, encouraging feelings of relaxation for you. According to several studies, infrared saunas may be helpful for some individuals with chronic and long term health states. Please be aware that more studies are required to prove the results. There’s no report yet about the harmful effects of infrared saunas yet. So, if you are interested in the Sauna and using it for relaxation, an infrared sauna might be a great choice due to its beneficial benefits. Our infrared sauna service delivers the best full spectrum sauna experience. We want to provide the best experience for you. Infrared Saunas may help improve circulation, and this can increase nitric oxide generation. So, the blood vessels will be dilated, leading to better blood flow and circulation. Regular infrared Sauna use may improve cardiovascular function. This type of Sauna may reduce stress and promote relaxation, which are beneficial benefits to consider. Infrared sauna sessions also have psychological benefits similar to walking or light exercise. These positive benefits may improve the quality of life, especially for people with stress. Experience the benefits of this innovative technology with us and embrace the relaxation and health promoting benefits! Are you looking for a wellness center in & near Miami, FL? Our center should be the top choice. We offer the highest quality wellness services to our esteemed clients. Centner Wellness & Spa is the best place to make your wellness dreams come true. Our experienced professionals and technicians are here to guide you through the process and help you through your wellness journey. Everything was set up and created to ensure that you have the best experience. Training and experience make us one of a kind in the wellness industry. Call us right away to get the services you deserve!

Infrared Sauna and Relaxation Response

Embrace relaxation with our exclusive infrared sauna. All individuals love feeling warm and relaxed. Infrared Saunas can help you feel that soothing sensation. Sitting in a warm chamber and enjoying the Sauna is inherently relaxing and enjoyable. Using an infrared sauna may help to calm your nervous system, as it persuades your body to decrease stress hormones and produce feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. Infrared Saunas will improve circulation through heat, and you may feel a sense of vigor and energy afterwards. Stimulate the flow of oxygen in your body through the comfort of this service!

Pain Reduction

According to some studies, infrared sauna therapy may help relieve the symptoms for individuals with issues like chronic fatigue syndrome, pain and stiffness. This type of Sauna can improve the quality of life for these individuals because the heat may help the compromised areas to receive better circulation. Just one session of our service may enhance your immunity. It may moisturize and bring a healthy glow to your skin. Do you want to look dewy and refreshed? Experience these benefits through our Infrared Sauna!

The Features of our Infrared Sauna from Therasage

  • 98% Emissivity and detoxification feature
  • Zip-out cloth collar
  • The growth of circulation and relieving pain
  • Burning calories and getting better sleep
  • The enhancement of the immune system
  • Enhancing energy and increasing nitric oxide
  • Meeting the international standards
  • Manufactured according to quality inspection
  • Anti-aging advantages

Is the Infrared Sauna Worth Trying?

As we mentioned before, more research is required to be sure about the results of infrared Saunas. This therapy can be a pleasant and innovative method to reduce stress and improve recovery after exercise. The regular practice of using this service may lead to increased positive effects, such as pain reduction and better performance. Enhance your metabolic function and feel the difference under the guidance and supervision of our professionals. Individuals with health issues can still use the infrared Sauna, but it is best that they speak with their health care providers about it. A sauna is not recommended for pregnant women due to the heat and its potential to harm the baby. Infrared Saunas might boost the overall wellness of individuals due to the benefits we discussed in this article. Remember that the technology is still young, and more evidence is required to understand the full benefits. Infrared Saunas have many positive effects, and this type of therapy is up-and-coming. Our Infrared Sauna operates using infrared light, which is not visible, and you can stay in it longer than traditional saunas due to the indirect heat around your body. The warmth penetration is more profound than regular saunas; finally, we can say infrared saunas are worth trying! Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff and get the answers to your questions. We focus on delivering the best because we have qualified professionals!

Detox, Relax, and Revive

Are you looking for the best infrared Sauna? Are you considering a full spectrum infrared sauna in & near Miami, FL? Our center is the best choice. Expect high quality, top-notch services from us because we are experienced and knowledgeable. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we do our best to achieve that. Our professionals are educated and trained to help you decide if infrared sauna therapy is a good choice for you and provide practical wellness tips. Comfort and relaxation is the primary goal of our services. We have various services tailored to your needs and budget. You will fall in love with our services. Contact us immediately to join a revolution in wellness services!  
infrared sauna

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