IASIS (Micro Current Neurofeedback)


IASIS micro current neurofeedback is a modern technology, unlike traditional neurofeedback; this amazing tool produces quicker and better results within fewer sessions. IASIS treatment is simple and easy, unlike old microcurrent neurofeedback devices.

New brain wave patterns will be generated through this innovative instrument, and this special tool will facilitate the mind and body to be in a better position. IASIS may improve function and support the nervous system to flourish.

There are cumulative disturbances such as traumas and negative experiences that may build up over time. IASIS neurofeedback creates incremental improvements and positively impacts the other body systems. Better brains, better bodies, and better relationships may be achievable through IASIS and its microcurrent neurofeedback power.

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What Is IASIS?

It is a technology for relaxation training and muscle re-education. It is also for prescription uses, consistent with 21 C.F.R. This innovative device is wholly distinguished from traditional neurofeedback devices. It is unnoticeable and invasion-free for the indivual, who can use the instrument effortlessly.  It provides profound relaxation for individuals of different ages. IASIS is a fantastic solution for the most challenging situations in life. This modern instrument may also be helpful for military forces who defend our country. Now, they have a means of relaxation, which is excellent news.

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How Does Our Innovative Iasis Work?

This exclusive technology has a different mechanism from talk therapies. It generates a measurable change in brain waves which doesn’t require a conscious attempt from the individual receiving that feedback. The instrument utilizes brief microcurrent simulation, and a temporary modification will be created in brainwaves accordingly. A release of stuck emotional patterns may be possible through this instrument, allowing it to disrupt the brain where required. This mechanism will change the unhealthy brainwaves and replace them with healthy ones due to natural flexibility. A shifted brainwave state may be the result here. So, the brain and nervous system may regulate themselves much better. As we mentioned, the IASIS is imperceptible and doesn’t need any conscious effort from the individual.

According to our experiment, most individualss will experience noticeable and positive changes after two or three treatment sessions. However, ten to twenty sessions are recommended for long-lasting results. The length of the treatments is not the same, and they are varied according to factors like the individual’s requirements and the timing of that specific session. The average session takes around half an hour. The effects of the device are cumulative, and the changes will be sustainable over time. This instrument is helpful for many purposes and may improve many individuals’ daily lives. Give your brain and nervous system some love in the comfort of our wellness spa. Just one session of our services may help you feel more relaxed!

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Areas That our IASIS Treatment May Help with:

  • Insomnia
  • Challenges that occur in memory
  • Migraines and psychological disorders
  • Emotional regulations and anxiety
  • Nervous systems that are up-regulated
  • The syndrome of chronic fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Stress management
  • Headaches and peak performance

Who Can Use IASIS?

Both adults and kids can use this innovative technology. The technology is safe for most people, and no concerns have been reported about it. You may increase the quality of your life and remove the limits through this masterpiece. So, come live a healthier life with us!

Microcurrent Neurofeedback in a General Overview

M.C.N. stands for microcurrent neurofeedback. This emerging treatment will assess the brain to reboot itself. M.C.N. is growing in popularity, and it is used to assist with relaxation. It is safe and effective for adults and kids. An M.C.N. session includes using small electrodes that are applied to the head of the individual and mirror the brainwaves, stimulating the brainwave patterns to re-route.

This mechanism creates a kind of adjustment for the brain by generating new wave patterns. The first few treatments may lead to mental clarity and a sense of calmness, which is pretty relaxing. The majority of individuals may experience a visible positive change in 3 to 5 sessions. The treatment programs are unique for individuals and are designed in line with their specific requirements. Environmental factors like stress and sickness can make brainwaves fixed and generate brain disorders. M.C.N. treatments are helpful here, and they use low-impact electrical signals to assist the brain in creating new patterns and alleviate symptoms from common diseases. Book an appointment now with us and you will thank yourself later!

Is IASIS Safe?

IASIS is considered safe. It is pain-free, and there’s no reports of adverse effects from it. IASIS uses the minimum amount of electric current, which passes for a concise duration. So, it is barely discoverable from the clients. IASIS may lead to positive changes if the individuals continue the sessions. Long-lasting results will be obtained in the long run, and the sessions are tailored to each person’s unique needs. This technology is revolutionary and safe. It is helpful for the brain, the nervous system, and other body parts. Brainwaves fluctuate briefly and securely using this device, and brain reorganization will happen accordingly. The brain will shift from its previous patterns using this revolutionary instrument, which is entirely safe and sound. Our experienced team promises safety and wellnes.

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“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom”
~ Joe Dispenza
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