Colon Hydrotherapy

Refresh, rejuvenate and reset with Colon Hydrotherapy, a safe, gentle and effective detoxification treatment. Sense the remarkable difference as purified and enhanced water delicately cleanses and hydrates your colon, offering relief from various conditions, including parasites and gastrointestinal issues.

We surpass expectations by utilizing pH prescription water that is remineralized and infused with ozone, oxygen and hydrogen, resulting in a remarkable 99% reduction of heavy metals and contaminants, plus reduction of negative ions and free radicals. Our expert colon hydrotherapists guide you through this extraordinary detoxification process. Discover how colonics offer a pathway to a renewed and reinvigorated you. We also offer revitalizing treatments to enhance your experience and provide greater results. 


Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy:

  • Enhances detoxification
  • Improves digestive health
  • Boosts energy
  • Eliminates parasites
  • Reduces brain fog
  • Promotes inner balance & harmony

Enhance your colonic by selecting one of these amazing supplementary treatments:

  • Castor oil wrap for abdominal comfort and detoxification support
  • GB 4000 Frequency healing to eliminate parasites or target other GI issues
  • Hydrogen boost to reduce inflammation and defend against oxidative stress
  • Assisted lymphatic therapy (ALT) to assist in moving congested lymph out of your body
Elevate your being to new heights with Colon Hydrotherapy at Centner Wellness – Edgewater. Schedule your appointment today!
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